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Berti Essential Kitchen Boxed Set- FullTang, Forged, Red Lucite Handle, 4 pieces BE2430 $1,136.00

Berti Essential Kitchen Boxed Set- Anchored Tang, Forged, Black Lucite Handle, 4 pieces BE2540 $1,117.00


"I waited breathlessly for this knife, and let me tell you -- it is incredible." -  L.T. - chef in southern France



Most knives are mass produced in large factories. The Berti knife is produced in a small Italian factory by less than a dozen master knife makers. Each knife is hand made by a single person who follows the knife to completion.

At the end of the process the master knife maker signs his or her mane to the knife-this assures you of a truly hand produced knife with amazing attention to detail. The resulting Berti knife is not only of the highest quality, but also has beautiful balance, a wonderful edge and is treasured by all who own one. Berti knives make a wonderful gift for your favorite restaurant chef or home chef.

We offer a fairly wide selection of these knives from stock. Because of a fairly limited supply of handmade knives, please order early for gifts. Thank you!