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Allen Whiting: A Painter at Sixty

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This book features the painting of renowned Martha's Vineyard artist Allen Whiting. It is a retrospective of over 32 years of Whiting's paintings and drawings, with an introduction by Wolf Khan./>/>Whiting, born on a farm in Martha's Vineyard, has captured the essence of the landscape in which he grew up. Virtually all of his paintings are done outdoors, and as Cynthia Wolfson so eloquently puts it, "he (Whiting) is equipped with a uniquely sensitized lens, one informed by a farmer's understanding of the land and the artist's ability to see the colors in the air."Whiting has recently exhibited in Boston, New York and Los Angeles galleries, as well as his own gallery on Martha's Vineyard. His work is unique, exciting and powerful, drawing the viewer into his vision of this magical island.We are pleased to offer this new book which contains dozens of color reproductions.Each book is autographed by the artist, Allen Whiting.

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